CommuniQuest is a group of senior AV professionals, domestic and abroad, with deep industry expertise. Our experience in this space includes working with manufacturers, systems integrators, distributors, investors and trade associations.

Julia launched CommuniQuest with the vision of bringing digital and social transformation to the forefront of business growth strategies in the pro-AV industry.

We are undergoing a major technology revolution, with digital and social now pervading every industry. The digital revolution is transforming how we work, how we communicate and how we relate with one another, which is completely redefining our relationship with technology. The implications to the pro-AV industry are profound.

As a leading strategic adviser to the pro-AV industry, Julia and her global team put one-of-a-kind market research at your fingertips. We provide local knowledge of global markets with the independent perspective that allows our clients to develop a clear and actionable plan to take their business from where it is today, to where they want it to be.

Serving the pro-AV industry for more than 10 years, the CommuniQuest team is passionate about the success of our clients.


We are people providing services for people. Our honest consistent, friendly approach to business adds value to our brand, and creates value for our clients.


For us, responsibility means being accountable to ourselves, to our clients, and to society at large. Being responsible means being ethical, and this responsibility includes social, environmental and economic realms.


Regardless of how good something may seem, it can always be improved upon for the better. We continually strive to improve ourselves, our services and our clients’ projects. Innovation is what allows us to adapt. It fosters creativity, passion and dedication to our work. Innovation drives change for the better and increases the value we provide to our clients.


CommuniQuest believes that every company has a responsibility to the environment. We recognize the good environmental management must be an integral and fundamental part of our business. We have created internal policies to help us reduce our impact on the environment.

More about our being Green

CommuniQuest is dedicated to engaging in sustainable practices in order to do everything we can to preserve the environment: