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Onpage SEO Checklist: Get More Search Traffic Without Links


Onpage SEO Checklist: Do Not Publish Before You’ve Read This

There’s so much talk online about backlinks, marketing strategies and other weird SEO techniques that most people tend to completely forget about onpage SEO. They think that just by installing Yoast and making a sitemap, they’ve taken care of their onpage SEO troubles.

In truth, onpage SEO is far than just technical search only tasks nowadays, and it plays a critical role in virtually any SEO strategy. Everything from site speed to how you present your content to how you optimise it for social will have an impact on your SEO to some extent and therefore deserves to be optimised.

Despite knowing all this stuff, I often forget to run several items on the ideal Onpage SEO Checklist before I publish so this might sound a little selfish but this post was actually written for me to use when I post new content on this site and the other sites we run :).

I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well, every optimisation item will give you that extra 1% of awesomeness that can transform your business down the line if scaled to the right proportions.

I tried to keep it short (sort of), actionable and to the point​. Enjoy!

What You Will Learn In This Post

  1. How to fix site level issues for better search engine optimization
  2. How to format content for maximum SEO impact
  3. The secret to crafting winning headlines
  4. How the pros optimize their meta tags and meta data for big wins on search and social
  5. The post-publishing steps we follow for massive traffic

1. Fix Site Level Issues

Site speed, performance and share ability have a big impact on how search engines rank your website. Before you can even hit ‘publish’, there are a number of site wide issues you need to take care of.

Most are easy to handle, some may take some time but in the end, why spend hours and money producing content if the bases are not right?

Let’s look at how to fix those quirks!​

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