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CommuniQuest Interview with DisplayTen CEO, Wei Liu

One thing is certain – collaboration is not a fad.

The digital workplace and digital classroom of the future will not be complete without collaboration technology. The next generation of tech-savvy employees is driving businesses to invest in the latest technology, and student expectations are driving schools to invest.

Clients often ask me what are the best collaboration tools available, but there is often a misconception that one size fits all. The fact is, what works best for one organization will not necessarily be the best choice for another. How do you know which one is right for your needs? In a sea of collaboration solutions, it can be confusing to decide.

With this in mind, collaboration was a key theme at this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas.

I went to the show with a mission to see as much of the technology as possible, and with almost 1200 exhibitors, this was no small challenge. After three action packed days I managed to get to almost 300 booths! Not bad…

Over the coming weeks and months I will share interviews and insights from AV industry leaders in my new blog. My plan is to focus on up-and-comers, perhaps brands that are not familiar to you (yet), but ones that stood out on the show floor.

So, what is it that stands out about DisplayTen? I spoke with the company’s CEO, Wei Liu, to ask him that very question.

Liu has a philosophy that a product should solve more than one problem, or it shouldn’t exist.

He identifies two pain points that have guided DisplayTen’s product development efforts:

  1. Meeting rooms cannot easily connect devices to the display. When it takes too long to get the meeting started because the technology gets in the way, nobody is happy.
  2. It should be easy to share the information on your screen, but privacy and security concerns have been obstacles to adoption.

DisplayTen solves both of these problems.

There are several smart and interactive products out there, I have seen quite a few of them. DisplayTen brings 55”, 70” and 84” interactive displays to the huddle room, but the DTen dongle is what really caught my attention.

The dongle connects to your PC or Mac with a USB connection, and there are apps for iPhone and Android users. In the photo below, you can see the dongle plugged into a laptop. This allows users to wirelessly share content from their device with the interactive display. There is no software required and no WiFi setup.

84__video conference

The beauty is you don’t have to touch the existing network, which addresses many security issues that have been obstacles to adoption.The dongle operates with its own dedicated WiFi network and only those with a dongle can access the network. This is music to the IT Manager’s ears.

The ease of use is what I find so appealing.

No more 20 digit passwords to remember!

Plus, the dongle eliminates the need to give network passwords to guests.

Just plug in the dongle to your device and you’re on in 3 seconds with a secure, dedicated connection.

It is that easy.

The 3 second rule is another key tenet of product development at DisplayTen.

There are a number of regular whiteboards and interactive whiteboards on the market that remain largely underutilized. According to Liu, with other interactive boards, the rule is ‘”et me teach you for 5 minutes before you use it.” By contrast, at DisplayTen, ease of use is a top priority and there is no learning required because the user interface is very intuitive.

No more showing up 30 minutes before a meeting to make sure the tech works.

No more delaying the start of the meeting, because the tech is too complicated.

Just plug and go.

In the digital workplace of the future, collaboration tools that are easy to use and secure will be the winners. DisplayTen addresses both of these end-user priorities.

To see more on DisplayTen, check out my Pinterest, under Products We Like.

Have you tried DisplayTen? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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