By Karola Karlson

9 Brilliant Tactics to Promote Your Blog Content on Facebook

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There are countless ways to promote your blog content, but most of them are incredibly time-consuming. While reaching out to influencers or earning backlinks are both superior tactics, marketers rarely have the time to complete these tasks.

With Facebook Audience Network now reaching over 1 billion people every month, the social media platform is increasingly popular among marketers. And there’s a good reason for it: Facebook’s highly specific audience-targeting allows you to reach just the right people at the right time.

Here’s why you should promote your content on Facebook:

  • Cost-per-click prices are low compared to other paid channels.
  • Targeting options let you reach many potential buyers.
  • Paid promotion expands the post’s organic reach.
  • Promotions are easy to set up and manage.

As you explore the value of Facebook content paid promotion, learn about nine best practices that help your content get more clicks at a lower cost.

1. Share your post on Facebook

The best way to start promoting your content on Facebook is free. Post a link to the article on your brand’s Facebook page. You can easily do it by copying your article’s URL to Facebook’s sharing box.

The post will organically reach about 2% of the people who “like” your page. But that 2% isn’t the main reason that makes sharing posts on Facebook worthwhile.

The success of your paid Facebook campaigns depends on its credibility – do people believe that the content is good enough to click on?

One of the best ways to prep your Facebook post for a promotional-boosted campaign is to get some “likes” and shares to prove its worth. When your target audience notices that others have “liked” and shared your post, they’ll be curious to find out more, and maybe even share it.

To get the first “likes” and shares under the post that you’re going to boost, ask your team members for help.

Right after publishing the post, send the link to your team, and ask everyone to “like” & share it with their friends. This way, your post will get its first “likes” needed to improve the Facebook ad’s click-through rate.

More “likes” = more credibility = more clicks

After you’ve collected five to 10 “likes” for your article’s Facebook post, move on to step two – boosting your Facebook post.

2. Boost your Facebook post

Boosted posts are the easiest way on Facebook to promote your content. All you need to do is set up a budget, choose the audience, and click “Boost Post.”


In my experience, the best time to boost a Facebook post is about an hour after publishing the original article.

Set the paid campaign duration for one day and use a low budget. You’ll first want to see how the campaign performs before considering an increase in budget or time frame.

The best way to conduct a quick Facebook campaign checkup is to use the Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll be able to see three important campaign metrics:

  • Cost per click: See how expensive it is to have a person click on your promoted post.
  • Click-through rate: Evaluate how well your promoted post generates interest from your targeted audience.
  • Cost per mil: Understand how much it costs for your boosted post to be seen 1,000 times.

If you’re happy with your campaign results, you can extend its budget and reach. If you’re not, take a step back to evaluate the post itself.

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