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Western Union Western Union is a leader in global payment services and is a business built on making connections between people from small businesses and global corporations, to families near and far away. In 2015, WU moved over $150 billion dollars for our consumer and business clients. Their network spans over 10,000+ employees and contractors in 200 countries across 500K+ agent locations.

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Video Conferencing Challenges

  • Western Union needed to rollout Skype and Office 365 with a heavy focus on video to reduce travel and increase productivity for their very distributed and fast moving organization.
  • Legacy on-premise hardware infrastructure and endpoints was not compatible with Skype for Business.
  • Existing network and bandwidth couldn’t handle much video and they couldn’t make drastic increases in a short time.
  • Existing video usage was nearly all Executive and two dedicated resources provided 100% “white glove” meeting service; including scheduling and support.

Results After Partnering with Vyopta

Western Union’s 3-person team uses vAnalytics to monitor their entire video conferencing network across over 80 Pexip server instances, 175 video rooms, and 10,000 video enabled software users for their global 24/7 business. After successfully rolling out Skype, they now support over 3 million video minutes each month and have dramatically reduced travel and increased productivity. They’re also able to produce customized, quarterly reports that used to take five hours, but now take minutes.

By leveraging meaningful historical data, Western Union’s IT team can better plan for network needs, support more calls, and generate detailed adoption reports every day.

“vAnalytics with the real time video monitoring made it possible to monitor thousands of calls per month with a team of 3 total people. We have been able to instantly generate reports that show we have increased adoption 10x to 3M video minutes a month with minimal network and bandwidth investments.”

David Levin, Director of End User Technology, Western Union

Read the full case study from Vyopta - Western Union Grows Usage 10X




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